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Pantas Hebat Sdn Bhd

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Pantas Hebat Sdn Bhd (PHSB) was established with an aim to provide and promote business solutions using cutting edge technologies for our clients.

PHSB was incorporated on 31st May 1997 and registered with the Ministry of Finance. We are a 100% wholly-owned and fully-operated by a group of young and professional Bumiputras. We serve various organizations across industries, namely, telecommunications, oil and gas, banking, manufacturing, education and government.

Our specialty involved three key areas; Consultancy, Trading and Professional Services.

PHSB is a parent company to two other sub companies, Benverd Technologies and JM Foto Digital Express. Our consortium are Maximillion Sdn Bhd and RJE Corporation Sdn Bhd.

What we are?
We are full-service, results-driven and dedicated to delivering solutions, ideas and tools matched to each company’s needs and budget. Working as partners with our clients, we leverage the expertise of our teams developing solutions that strengthen the integrity of their organization in a creative, and of course, timely fashion.

We conduct our services by building trust, creating mutual understanding and by recommending the most appropriate solutions based on our clients’ needs.

With our slogan “making business work”, we aim to work with customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders. Our company’s successful track record is the result of its dynamic and dedicated manpower with its creative and innovative management style which encourages initiative and teamwork.

Our ultimate aim for our clients is to make business work.